Celebrant FAQs

How To Become a Celebrant

How do I become a celebrant?

To become a celebrant in Australia, you’ll need to undertake a Certificate IV in Celebrancy. You’ll also need to sit some admission tests via the Australian Government and demonstrate a sound understanding of legalities and marriage regulations. Read more about getting qualified here.

What qualities make a good celebrant?

A good celebrant will need to be knowledgeable in all things weddings, wedding planning and the legalities of marriage, plus a good speaking voice and skills in talking to a crowd are obviously essential! Most celebrants have an outgoing personality and are creative people at heart who love to use their writing skills to tell a story and celebrate a couple’s bond with each other. A good celebrant will need to be friendly, approachable and calm under pressure (this skill will come in very handy when dealing with stressed out brides!)

How much does it cost to become a celebrant?

Training costs for a Cert IV range from $1,000 to $2,000. You’ll also need to factor in the expenses of setting up a business and keeping it maintained, alongside the cost of any additional education and professional development that you undertake. There are some annual registration fees associated with being a professional celebrant too, you can read about those here.

What are my career path options?

As a qualified celebrant, most will choose to become a marriage celebrant. However your Cert IV will also train you in how to be a funeral celebrant or a baby naming celebrant should you wish to pursue those options. To aid in making more money, many qualified celebrants choose to also become qualified in wedding planning so that they can offer a complete package of services to their wedding clients.

How much do celebrants earn?

Less than you think! The average annual income for celebrants in Australia right now is between $5,000 and $10,000 so understandably most celebrants have other jobs to supplement their income or choose to be a celebrant as a retirement hobby (this is why celebrancy attracts many mature age people who have the time to enjoy it as a hobby without relying on it as a sole full-time income). Read more about that here.

How do I apply to become a marriage celebrant?

You’ll need to contact the Attorney-General’s Department and request an information pack. Your tutors in your Cert IV course should also walk you through how to apply.

How do I know if being a celebrant is the right choice for me as a career?

As celebrancy doesn’t bring in a large income, you’ll need to do some soul searching and decide why you want to become a celebrant… if it’s to earn big bucks, you’ll need to be realistic in that that will be an uphill battle and the odds may not be in your favour, especially as celebrancy is a highly competitive industry. If however you are looking to be a celebrant as a part time job, as a hobby or to find emotional fulfilment in the work that you do, then becoming a celebrant can be a very rewarding career path!


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